Tania is passionate about Design and Real Estate and this combination has led to a career in Home Staging and Interior Design. 

Tania’s work has captured the attention and interest of the design industry and media as well as those who have sought Interior Inspiration and advice for their own homes.

Her work has been featured in NZ House and Garden, Stuff – Interior Inspiration of the week, World renown – The Design Chaser’s Blog, Designer homewares – Citta Design – website and Instagram page, The Sunday Star times, just to name a few.

Why Use Home Staging?

Investing in home staging will ultimately translate into a higher return on the sale of your House with less time spent on the market. Your house is normally your largest asset and therefore it is worth investing a little time and money to present it at its best.

The aim of Home Staging is to capture the attention of as many buyers as possible by turning your house into an interesting, warm an inviting home. Helping buyers to form an emotional attachment to your property by creating a “lifestyle” is an important component of Home Staging. By creating this attachment buyers will be more forgiving of any shortcomings with the property and more inclined to focus on the positive attributes.

Professional Home Staging is a well thought out plan that is designed to maximize your homes appeal. This plan involves emphasizing your homes best features such as new renovations, period features or great views, through the selection and placement of furniture, colour,, art and accessories. Professional Home Staging also helps to redirect the eye from any imperfections such as an awkward layout, small spaces, ageing paint work or poor lighting. The more a buyer focusses on the imperfections of a house the more they will deduct from the asking price. If they perceive the flaws to be too overwhelming it may prevent them from buying your home all together.

First Impressions count, and Buyers first impressions of your house are usually created through online photos. You have one chance to capture a buyers attention, leave a positive impression and make them want to pursue your home. The buyer will decide after viewing your photos wether they will go ahead and view your home. Although your home maybe well presented or decorated it will usually be to your own personal taste and may not appeal to everyone, or photograph well. Home Staging ensures that your house photographs at its best, captures the attention of buyers and stands out from your competition.

why hire soaked in style?

We completely believe in the value of home staging. Tania having staged her own properties for both sale and rental purposes has seen first hand how Professional Home Staging translates into a faster sale or tenancy and achieves the absolute best possible price. We are excited to share what we know is a key advantage in selling your home. We want your property to reach its full potential so that you will benefit from its profits.

At Soaked in Style not only do we understand and are passionate about Design and Real Estate but where we add extra value that sets us apart, is in our ability to create designs that capture maximum attention.

This ability to capture an audience can be vouched for in the number and frequency of publications featuring our work as well as our record in Home Staging. We know Interior Design and we know the right formula to turn your house into a beautiful eye-catching home that will make buyers fall in love.

This ability to capture attention translates both into making your property stand out from your competition and also the opportunity for your property to gain greater exposure, ultimately leading to the best sale price possible.

Our range of furniture and styling products are varied, interesting and relevant. We are constantly adding to our collection and keeping up to date with the latest trends. We have a vast range of colours and styles to suit any home, including modern, contemporary, classic design and more.



After initial contact is made we will visit your property to scope out the size, layout, number and functions of rooms, existing colour scheme, natural light, style and era of the property and any special features etc.

We will identify what your needs are and discuss some ideas and options. We will then email through a detailed proposal of the sort of look we have planned for your home, such as colour scheme, special features to be highlighted as well as a proposed timeline. Once we have agreed on the proposal we get to work creating the look for your home. Your tailored design is a well thought out and considered look and it’s important to us that we showcase your home at its best.

It is not just a matter of placing furniture into rooms as there are many elements to consider. Utilising the right colours and patterns in smaller, poorly lit spaces and the best furniture to maximise space are just some of the things we consider.

We ensure that each room is showcased to its full potential, choosing the right accessories to highlight and compliment the overall design and create a consistent, harmonious look and feel throughout the house.

On the agreed date we will show up with all the furniture and styling products we need to produce a fantastic, tailored look for your home. Once the house is sold we will return to pack up all the Staging, leaving your property in its original order.