Creating an Inviting Entrance Way

You may not think of your entrance way as a conventional nook but more an area you pass through quickly, kick your shoes and jacket off, throw your keys, and dump your bags. However, although your time here is usually short it is the first area you see when you arrive home and the last when you leave so you want it to be an interesting, inviting and functional nook.black and white entrance way

Entrance way nook

Now some of you will no doubt have amazing glamazon entrance ways that will be the size of a small house and you could design them to include a multitude of functions or just take in the beauty of all that space! My entrance way is small, however it does have amazing height which is not currently played to so I call this my for now and not forever entrance way nook.Black and white entrance way

The vintage telephone table was originally mahogany wood with burgundy upholstery which I have upcycled. The seat provides the perfect spot to put on shoes or unload bags and the drawer holds keys, wallets and mail.pink, gold and black abstract art

The abstract art I created for the spare bedroom but decided I liked it more in this space that is the beauty of shopping your own house first is that some pieces shine more in unexpected places.

Entrance way

You could have a basket for shoes but in my experience they rarely make it in there and the basket ends up taking up valuable space. It is just as easy to flick them off under the table where they are semi tidy and hidden or you could strategically arrange them like these pictures ha!

entrance way

Where can I find the Watering Can?  Well thats my last nook for now folks, which was your favourite Nook? I know some ladies that have been busy creating their own, including crafting nooks. Have you created yours, tell me about it?

Talk soon,

Tania  x




How to create a Workspace Nook

This is the second post in my Nice Nooks series, and I wanted to share with you my Workspace Nook. As we have a 23 month old camping out in our office at the moment I wanted to create an area where I could sit and work from but not take up valuable space or be a permanent fixture. Eventually the 23 month old will need more room and he will move into a bedroom downstairs, and we will have our office back, but for now he can stay put as I’m not quite ready to have him all the way downstairs! The beauty of a nook and one of the many reasons I am a little obsessed with them is they can be created anywhere and they can easily be repurposed, which really suits changing family dynamics, work requirements etc.

Nice Nook

This nook is in our lounge and is less than a meter wide, it sits in between the pillar that houses our TV and fireplace and the entry into the hallway.



A rug is a great way to designate a particular area. I switched the chairs and cushion for this shot, because that is what I do.


The table which doubles as a desk was already in this spot and housed books as well being a display table. By adding a chair, comfy cushion, laptop and interesting artwork it is easily transformed into a workspace that feels designated but still fits in with the rest of the room.

I know that sheepskin again! Yip it pops up all over the place, I do like a bit of fluff and it just makes such a comfy spot to sit in.


The large artwork is titled Marianna by Ruben Ireland @society6 , the small black and white abstract print Sweet William, Cire Trudon candle World beauty, 2014 Diary Kiiki K, gold pen Typo , vintage marble pen holder, table, chair and sheepskin trademe,  White and Gold cushion Villa Costa , Pink cushion is an old cushion hand dyed. Cacti and blue vase I have had for years they could practically be classed as vintage! Soaked in style business cards are sitting on a small plate stand. Have you got a workspace nook in your house? Tell me about it, email me a pic or  tag me in your instagram pics just hit the gold camera icon in my keep in touch icons to find me.

Talk soon, Tania  x

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Nice Nooks

Over the next few weeks I will show you three different looks for small Nooks. With kids, partners, pets or just a busy life it can be hard to keep every part of your house looking just so. Also our budgets don’t always allow us to renovate or decorate every room in the house so over the next three weeks I thought I would show you how you can create and style a small nook that may sit amongst the chaos of the rest of the house. Creating a nook can be a cheap way to create a stylish little sanctuary using a small unutilized area of your home, perhaps a corner in your lounge, hallway or bedroom? Nooks are a great place to relax, read, checkout Facebook, or grab a quick coffee, it is also a perfect place to try out a new look in a small dose. Shop your house for accessories and if your budget allows indulge in something new (check out my cheap finds).

Marble Tulip Table

In keeping with my design mantra “something old, something new, something borrowed and something you” The wrapping paper in white frame and the chair are relatively old, does 8 years count? The something borrowed is the table borrowed from my spare bedroom and cushion from the lounge.

Abstract Art

Art work doesn’t have to be expensive and can easily be changed around to create a new look.  At the top left is a card from Corso De’ Fiori, underneath is a frame from Myers Sydney which holds a piece of old wrapping paper and the abstract art is my creation. As you can probably see from the picture there is a big glob of blue tack under the frame, which I purposely displayed just to show you, is all that is needed to hold up the art work.

Pink Peonies

You will recognise some of these accessories from Mondays Copper Candy post. The candlesticks $27.00, flower vase $7.00, & black & white glass box $8 .00, from The Warehouse, Marble tulip table, glass bowl vase and spotty cushion Freedom Furniture. The sheepskin and chair are from TradeMe. What do you think of my Nook? Have you got somewhere you can create a nook of your own?

Talk soon, Tania x


Copper Candy

Copper seems to be the metal of the moment and I have to confess for having a weak spot for any metal whether it be gold, brass, silver or platinum and if its mixed with an opposing material i.e. glass even better. I’ve collected metals over the years mostly from op shops and trademe and have a good collection which is buried deep in the unknown, aka the large cupboard under the stairs, and instead of foraging through the chaos it was easier and much more fun to purchase a few new and old items.

Here is a peek at my latest hoards

Rose Gold ItemsThe Watering Can may seem like an odd purchase however it is probably one of the most exciting gifts I have got from my husband. A couple of weekends ago I noticed my hydrangeas looked as though they were on their way out and desperately needed watering and although I don’t share the same passion for gardening as I do for design, I enjoy designing outdoor areas and I can even plant things, but keeping them alive that’s a whole other different story!

The only plants I have ever managed to keep alive are a few pots of succulents and cacti and for two years now my hydrangeas! No way was I letting them die! So off I set to water the plants but couldn’t find the watering can anywhere so I stomped around the house as you do looking for the damn watering can. Now my husband has a very bad habit of throwing things away when they are looking a bit tatty or “he” doesn’t see any use for them.

So of course my “where is the watering can?” was directed at him. Now he swore he hadn’t seen it…..but the next day I awoke to a beautiful brand spanking new white and copper can. My silver lining (although not quite as dramatic as last week) was the old can was dammmmn ugly and I’m so pleased he biffed it oops I mean “someone” lost it.

Rose Gold DishRose Gold CandlesticksRose Gold FlaskYou will see these items in a few up and coming styling posts in the near future where I will give you a rundown of where to source and prices.

Talk soon Tania x


A Silver lining in a Gold Award

It’s funny how a positive can often come from a series of struggles even though it may not be obvious at the time. After the drama of actually getting pregnant and staying that way I had naively thought I could breathe a sigh of relief and live my happy ever after but as this is life this was not to be the case, and although ecstatic with the safe arrival of our baby boy it was the beginning of another set of health issues with my old and unwilling to bounce back body!

So not long after I had Harper I was stuck in bed unwell and feeling frustrated with my health when I came across the ‘Interior of the Year Awards’ and with nothing to lose I decided to enter Harper’s Nursery. Now my positive spin on spending most of Harper’s infancy in and out of hospital, doctors and surgery is that had I not been unwell I would have..

  • Rushed back to work full time and not spent the time at home with Harper
  • Not followed my true passion and set up my Blog.
  • Not been in bed sick and happen upon the Interior of the Year Awards.

And low and behold I WON!

Winner Creative Space

Award Presentation

The Trophy

The Award

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet

Venue Décor

The Venue

Presenter Carol Hirschfeld

Carol Hirschfeld

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