Design Project/ Organic Hair Salon

I feel like a bad blogger as of late as it has been over a month since my last post but to be fair I did take a much needed xmas break and this year has already started with a hiss and a roar. Anyway I’m back and ready to blog! I thought I would share with you a project that I worked on last year designing a room in a Hair Salon that uses all organic hair products.

The Brief: An increase in staff and clientele meant the salon needed extra space to seat clients while colours etc were processing and an extra hair washing basin. An unused room situated just off the main salon offered extra space but needed a complete revamp. Furniture pieces needed to be durable and easy to clean as hair, colour and chemicals could come into contact with them. I wanted to create an organic, nature inspired, restful environment that felt as though you were doing your body good just by being there. Here is a snippet of the mood board that I put together on Pinterest.


Natural organic interior design

Natural organic interior design

Industrial/organic Lighting

organic inspired interior

organic inspired interior

towel basket hair salon


Industrial shelving

Coffee Station

The room was small with limited lighting so I suggested adding extra feature lighting and painting the room a light soft grey tone. Soft drapey sheer curtains were to be added to allow the light to come through still providing some privacy and adding a soft layer to the room. The colour palette was kept neutral but interest added through lots of texture and layers. The rest of the design included raw, rustic looking shelves to be installed above the basin to store hair care products and extra towels, cane baskets for holding used towels, three comfortable easy to care for chairs with natural wood side tables for clients to hold coffee, magazines etc and a help yourself coffee station with healthy organic treats like nuts and dried fruit. I love the feel of this space so much that I am dreaming and scheming about how I can rob some space from somewhere and create a room like it in my home complete with coffee station and organic treats! Man cave move over!

Below are a selection of chairs I sourced for the client to choose from as opposed to the standard hairdressing chairs.

Coromandel outdoor chair

Coromandel Chair, loft design

Outdoor Chairs Scandi design

Acapulco Chair

Me and My trend cane look chair

cane look outdoor chair

Me and My trend Chair

See you next time Tania x


A Xmas Nook

OMG I can’t believe xmas is tomorrow, phewf and what a mammoth mission it has been to get here! I didn’t know whether this post would make it in between my technical drama and the battered and ransacked xmas nook.I had been trying unsucessfully to use a version of photoshop that was never going to do what I wanted it to because unbeknown at the time of my cursing and fist clenching the salesman had sold me the wrong version, even after I had spent a billion years that I didn’t have explaining to him exactly what I needed it to do. In the mean time my carefully decorated xmas nook all ready for its photo shoot had a giant ball plough through the middle of it sending everything flying not to mention the xmas tree ending up on top of my nearly two year old twice after he got hold of the decorative chocolates hanging on the tree.

champagne and gold xmas decorating

As you can tell from my nook I am not a traditionalist when it comes to xmas decorating in fact I don’t think the colours red and green have ever entered my nook but thats not to say they won’t at some point in the future.

gold nd copper xmas decorating

I decided to go with a gold, white, silver, champagne and peach colour scheme this year, last year I did aqua,white, orange and silver and the few years prior have been black, white, silver and gold.

gold and peach xmas decorating

I have to also admit to being a bit of a minimalist decorater when it comes to xmas unlike my lovely friend Marija and her FOUR amazing xmas trees all of which have their own story.This year I ramped it up a bit and should imagine with a child now I will be ramping it up for the next 20 years!

Silver candelabra

xmas decorating

gold ,silve, champagne and peach xmas decorating

Ok well that’s all from me for now, I am off to finish wrapping a few pressies, including a large yellow tow truck that has not been very successfully hiding under our bed then its off to pick up a couple of last minute things and drop off a present. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fantabulous day tomorrow, I am dreaming of turkey already x